Do you have a patient who could benefit from a sleep study?

Sleep Studies Australia provides professional sleep study services throughout Western Australia, including at-home monitoring and comprehensive reporting.

Referring practitioners can order a sleep study with short notice.

Following the study, our sleep and respiratory physicians prepare a detailed report and treatment plan, which is generally supplied within 7 to 10 days of the sleep study being completed.

As part of our full-service approach, Sleep Studies Australia also offers treatment for diagnosed sleep disorders.

We operate an Outpatient CPAP Clinic where patients receive initial and ongoing education, training and support. In addition, our patients receive individual instruction from our trained therapists and subsequent sleep studies to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment.

At Sleep Studies Australia, we are committed to ensuring the comfort and peace of mind of our patients, while providing much-needed diagnosis data in a timely and professional manner for the evaluation and treatment of sleep disorders.

For more information or to arrange a sleep study, call us on 1300 65 1234.

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