Sleep Study FAQs

What is a sleep study?

A sleep study is an overnight recording of your sleep for the diagnosis and evaluation of sleep disorders. Sleep studies can be performed either at home or in a hospital.

What is the purpose of a sleep study?

The purpose of a sleep study is to get thorough understanding of your sleep and to identify disorders that interfere with your sleep.

Why do I need a sleep study?

Your doctor has felt that due to your snoring, symptoms of tiredness or sleepiness or other medical conditions, it would be appropriate to assess if you have a breathing or movement disorder while you sleep.

What sleep disorders can be diagnosed?

Home monitoring is effectively used to diagnose snoring, obstructive sleep apnoea, periodic limb movement disorder and insomnia, and can give valuable information to assist in the diagnosis of central sleep apnoea, delayed sleep phases syndrome and narcolepsy.

What is involved in a home-based sleep study?

A home-based sleep study requires a visit to Sleep Studies Australia on the day of your study night, for instructions, collection and application of the device.

The device is worn overnight to monitor breathing, oxygen levels, brain activity, cardiac activity and body movement using several simple sensors applied to the skin’s surface. The device is returned the following morning to Sleep Studies Australia for assessment.

What do I need at my appointment?
  • Any treatment devices that you may be using such as CPAP equipment, including all accessories, or any oral appliances you may be using.
  • Medicare card and credit card.
  • If you have difficulty remembering or understanding instructions, please bring your partner or carer.
  • A list of medications you are currently taking.
What preparation is required before my home-based sleep study?

Have your usual evening meal and your usual alcohol consumption. In order to get a good contact between the sensors and your skin please shower, remove all make-up or nail polish, and wash your hair. Please do not apply moisturiser or oils to your skin, and for male patients please be clean-shaven (beards are ok).

What do I have to do?

The sleep study is a record of your night’s sleep. Your routine should remain the same as usual; the only difference is you’ll be wearing a home-monitoring device.

Take your medications as usual unless otherwise instructed by your referring doctor. At the end of the study, remove the electrodes and return the equipment as instructed during your visit to Sleep Studies Australia.

How do I get the results?

Your results are sent to your referring doctor. The interpretation of your sleep study is a complex process, which takes approximately 7 – 10 days to complete, and is reported by a specialist sleep physician. Ensure you have a follow up appointment for your results to be discussed with your GP or specialist.

What if I am unwell prior to my home-based sleep study?

Before your sleep study, contact your referring doctor to discuss your condition and alternative arrangements may be made for your study.